Midge Guerrera


People tell me I'm a program builder.  Some folks play golf, I create new things - schools, agencies, programs.  I've been responsible for creating a community arts center, 2 performing arts high schools, the arts administration minor at Westminster Choir College, a children's theatre company, a NYC theatre, an arts management and public relations firm, the arts administration major for Rider University, a tourism initiative called Cooking in the Kitchens of Pontelandolfo and other things over the years.  

During the course of my career, one could find me teaching theatre in a high school, producing and directing theatre, writing venue specific historic plays, acting in an Emmy Award winning television series, and generally leaping from one project to another. Sigh, if only I could have stayed in one place long enough to get a pension. HMM - I'm only in my second or is it third act so there is still time. Isn't there?

 Today, I spend most of my time refining plays I've written, blogging, working on a cook book, working on a memoir, trying to convince people to visit Pontelandolfo Italy, presenting LaDolce Vita or Is It and staring at the Sannio Hills in Southern Italy.   

 I  learned a lot at the University of Life, however, I do have some academic credentials. 

MFA Dramatic Writing                      Goddard College, Vermont USA
MA  Theatre                                     Montclair State University, New Jersey USA
BA Theatre & English                        Montclair State University, New Jersey USA